Meet windows9

Everything you already love. And a lot more.



Mouse, keyboard, and familiar programs

Get a new touchscreen PC and you can still work with a mouse, keyboard, and the Windows desktop the way you always have. Use virtually any printer. Programs that work on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 work on Windows 9.  All the basics, from startup times to security, are better than ever.


Multitasking, a swipe away

Windows 9 gives you a world of touchscreen entertainment with apps from the Windows Store, and new ways to tap, swipe, and navigate seamlessly. Multitask with up to four separate apps at the same time on Windows tablets and PCs, so you can work and play at the same time. And OneDrive—free online storage that’s built into Windows 9—means your files are always with you, from any of your PCs or devices.

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